All Natural Deodorant

We are excited about our new deodorant line!  We have tried natural deodorants for literally YEARS and either they have not worked or they contain products that are compromising to our standards, such as propylene glycol and toxic aluminum salts (propylene glycol has 9 different names to disguise it. All of them can be found on Wiki under: propylene glycol.)  We are pleased to say that our deodorant actually works - even in 100 degree Texas HEAT!  And it contains NO compromising ingredients.  

Each handmade deodorant contains all natural shea butter which is oh-so-good for your skin; baking soda, with its anti bacterial properties, is our special weapon for fighting off those bad odors, and boy does it do its job well!

One important note: because our deodorant does NOT contain propylene glycol which is a by-product of anti-freeze, it is important that you do not leave the deodorant in extreme heat. Room temperature is best. If you are like us, and accidentally leave yours in the hot car...just put it in the refrigerator for several hours, and you're good to go!

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